Handling Equipment



Ask reliable handlers and well established recognised reptile parks for advice on what equipment works best and always use equipment that has been tried and tested by experts in herpetology. Watch out for home made hook and grab sticks with possible imperfections that can be dangerous for both animal and handler. Below is a list of points to look out for when purchasing a grab stick:

You pay for what you get Understand that a good grab stick doesn’t come cheap. A well manufactured, more expensive grab stick will last a lifetime under normal use.
Size does matter Be careful not to buy a stick that is longer than one and a half meters, although one meter is ideal for most situations. A longer stick is heavy and very awkward to use especially for larger snakes.
Rods and cables get in the way Most cheaply made grab sticks have rods and cables exposed along the shaft that pose a potential disaster for snakes getting entangled.
Breaking point Be very careful of home made aluminium cast, plastic or wood sticks that may break under pressure.
Pump iron in a gym You will find grab sticks that are badly designed with bulky heads and grips and are made with heavy materials. This makes handling a snake, especially large snakes, an almost impossible and unsafe task.
Don’t hurt that snake Inferior equipment is often badly finished off and often has sharp edges and rough surfaces that may hurt snakes.

Stainless steel and aluminium construction
Non corrosive
No sharp edges to harm snake or handler
Used by professionals
Strong lightweight design
The Khamai Reptile Centre recommends the standard one meter Midwest range of grab sticks. We use Midwest equipment on an industrial capacity. Grab sticks and hooks are used multiple times daily on snakes large and small. We sometimes abuse the equipment when feeding our large crocodiles or breaking off branches when capturing wild snakes. Grab sticks are sometimes thrown about, dropped or left to bounce about on the back of a pick up with so far no problems at all. We have been using Midwest tongs for seven years now so we have a pretty good idea of the level of quality. Khamai Reptile Centre will only allow the use of Midwest tongs by it’s employees to guarantee the safety of handler and animals.