The Golden Brown Baboon Spider Relocation Project

The Golden Brown Baboon Spider Augacephalus breyeri at threat by development ....

Did You Know?

  • The Golden Brown Baboon Spider lives to about twenty five years and only becomes sexually mature at fifteen years old.
  • These beautiful spiders are protected by law and may not be killed nor kept as a pet.
  • The venom of this large gentle spider is absolutely harmless to humans.
  • That the Golden Brown Baboon Spider lives in a hole that takes it between five to seven years to construct.
  • Once this spider has excavated a hole it seems that the adults loose most of there instinctive know how for digging. Building a new hole is time consuming, leaving the spider vulnerable to predation by predators for too long and they soon die.

The Khamai Reptile Centre has a passionate interest in Baboon Spider conservation and is currently undertaking the massive task of learning how to re introduce these vulnerable animals back into the wild.  We have a set research protocol that we follow each time a spider is in need.  This involves collecting information so that we can establish the exact needs of the Golden Brown Baboon Spider in order to successfully re introduce them safely back into the wild.  We have thus far not yet been successful but will with time and the correct equipment hopefully manage to do so.

Augacephalus breyeri Nest    Defence

Augacephalus breyeri Nest Close-up    Augacephalus breyeri

In collaboration with local construction companies, housing estates, schools, farmers and the community at large the Khamai Reptile Centre encourages interest and help from others.  Please look at our wish list in "Sponsorship" page for equipment that we still need for our Golden Brown Baboon Spider Relocation Project.


Surely we don't have the right to kill something just because we do not like the look of it?

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Think About It .....

..... if snakes really were as BAD as made out to be, then how come we can safely walk through the bush where snakes live .....?

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