Day Visitors

R30-00 per child 4 - 12 years old    R60-00 per adult 12 + years old  No booking necessary

You can visit us any day of the year from 8am to 5pm as a day visitor without prior arrangement. Day visitors are self guided but staff are always at hand to help with questions. Each animals habitat has a legend with lots of useful information regarding feeding, venoms, distribution and other interesting facts about the animal on display.

Interactive Tour

R75-00 per person maximum 20pax minimum 6pax Please book

This tour is designed to allow for an unforgettable hands on experience with a number of animals at the park. A curator will guide you through the facility and give you an intimate hands on experience with live animals. You will be allowed to feed, touch and photograph some of the more interesting reptile. Your guide will take reptiles out of the enclosures for you to genuinely interact with the animals in a safe humane manner.

Photographic Tour

R1000-00 per group 1-3pax  Please book

Experienced as well as amateur photographers get the opportunity to photograph animals in their natural habitat. This is a truly unique experience for anyone interested in photography, reptiles and nature. You will have a personal guide and other facilitating handlers watching over the reptile while you take that perfect shot. Staff will help with information about the animals so that you can get a perfect document of the reptile in the most natural setting.



School Groups

More than 40 pax Please book

Less than 40 pax Please book

R15-00 pp up to 12 years old R30-00 pp up to 12 years old

R25-00 pp older than 12 years

R60-00 pp older than 12 years



A variety of interactive demonstrations are given to school children of all grades. Learners are introduced to the World of reptiles by seeing, touching and interacting. Our experienced curators will take the child on a journey of discovery and learning that they will enjoy and never forget.







Think About It .....

..... if snakes really were as BAD as made out to be, then how come we can safely walk through the bush where snakes live .....?

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